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POWDER TESTING - physical properties of powder and bulk solids


Testing the physical properties of powder

  • Comparison of flowability of bulk materials
  • Identification of flow problems
  • Powder Rheology
  • Quality conformance test and product certification
  • Optimization of flow aids and/or processes
  • Silo calculations according to DIN EN 1991-4 or DIN 1055-6
  • Silo or bin activator design
  • Silo stress determination in filling and discharge states
  • Time consolidation of bulk materials
  • Pressure on the outlet
  • Ensuring mass flow in a silo
  • Calculation of the minimum outlet opening to avoid bridging
  • Problem solving in existing silos
  • Process control to prevent operational issues and/or damages
  • Avoid product change issues
  • ...
  • silo calculations of bulk solids
  • mass flow / funnel flow
  • bulk materials measurement service
Silo calculations according to EN 1991-4 or DIN 1055-6 yield loci bulk solid moisture density measurement wall friction


ASTM D6682-01

Take advantage of thirty years of experience in bulk material analysis, providing all parameters necessary for characterization and further technological calculations. All measurements are performed on standardized and certified instruments, where structured process procedures ensure high quality and economic workflow.


    angle of internal friction φi, effective angle of friction φe, cohesion, principal stresses σ1, σ2, unconfined compressive strength σc, flowability factor
    + time consolidation (YLT)


    wall friction angle φw, φx, wall friction coefficient μw, adhesion, approximation of wall friction,
    + wall friction time consolidation (WFT)
    + wall friction changing (WFC) ...


    bulk density ρb0, compression density ρb1)


    %M (percent moisture), %S (percent solid), ...

After bulk material measurements, the results are automatically evaluated and further reports are available to give immediate access to the data.


Fail-safe and easy-to-use evaluations

Automatic analysis of the measurements and further calculations are available upon request. It is also possible to automatically calculate and compare different silo shapes and dimensions.

  • Statistic analysis for yield loci, wall friction, bulk density,

    standard deviation SD, divergence-coefficient (-factor) aK, aμ, aγ

  • σc1) = 

    Flow function, flowability factor

     FL, ffc

  • φe (σ1) =

    Function of effective friction

  • ρb1) =

    Density function

  • ƒ( φe, ρb, μw, silo geometry ) =

    Silo stress conditions

    Vertical pressure Pv, Horizontal pressure Ph, wall stress Pw for (active) filling state and (passive) discharging state

  • ƒ (φe, μw, silo geometry) =

    Limiting criterion for mass flow

    / funnel flow

  • ƒ( φe, ρb, μw, σc, silo geometry ) =


    Critical bridging area, pressure on the outlet

bulk solids measurement data silo geometry bulk material parameter silo hopper filling state mass flow or funnel flow silo hopper discharge state bridging stresses vertical section time consolidation effective angle of friction density funtion fow funticon